Mission / Vision


In Perfex, we strive to provide superior products and services through our highly experienced and skilled employees. We maintain the best quality products through continuous improvement and customer interaction.

We achieve business excellence through the core values we hold in Perfex.

P – Perfection
  • to achieve the highest degree of proficiency, skill, and excellence to provide the best quality products
E – Efficient
  • achieve the highest degree of competency and effectiveness to manufacture with the least amount of waste produced
R – Respect
  • recognizing the importance of building good associations and appreciation amongst everyone including customers, vendors and colleagues
F – Focus
  • attention to detail throughout every process within the company
E – Excellence
  • pledge to surpass ordinary standards and performances in our industry, striving to provide top-notch products, services and support rendered
X – Xenial
  • building and expanding relations between our customers and suppliers



Establishment of the Perfex brand, and have it synonymous with quality radiators and heat exchangers.

Never be satisfied with industrial standards, striving to continually improve and pioneer new designs, in order to meet ever-changing market demands, hence increasing its value proposition to customers and increasing their utility of our products.

Break into new markets across the globe, diversifying our sales networks and building an international portfolio of clientele and references.

Valuing partnerships, we aim to develop deep relationships with engine manufacturers globally.